Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I order printed copies from images that I order online?
    Yes, we do offer printed photos on high-quality photo paper in various sizes. When you choose your image and add click on the "Buy Photo, a pop-up window with all your order options will appear. You can order prints, digital images, digital videos, videos, canvases.


  • Do I have full print rights for all the images that I download from your site?
    Yes, you can download your digital images to an external drive, CD or any device and print or distribute them. In most cases, you will need to take our release form with you when you want to print your images at any lab. CLICK HERE for the release form.


  • I took my images to a professional print facility and was told the images are not high resolution.
    Sometimes when you copy your images, they will be copied as “thumbnails”. These are not high-resolution files, but they might appear on your computer as a large file. Saving your images to a CD or to your device is the best way to transfer your images so you retain the high-resolution size. First, create a folder on your desktop. Then, find your images. If you right click on your image, you will have several options. One of the options will be “Save As”. Choose that option and you will be asked where you want to save it. Choose the folder on your desktop that you created. Repeat this process with all of your images. Once you have all your images saved, you can then burn that folder to a CD. You may also transfer it to an external drive or USB (flash drive).


  • I ordered a custom video and I don’t see all of the dances. There are only 8 dances showing. Where are the rest of my dances?
    The video menu shows the first 8 dances. In the bottom right corner, there is a right-pointing arrow. If you click on that arrow, a screen with 8 more dances will appear. If you have more dances, there is an arrow at the bottom of that page. You can continue the process to see all of your dances.


  • I want to preview my child's dance from the competition. Is that possible?
    Unfortunately, we do not have video previews from the dance competitions. We do have highlights from various cities to give you a sample of our video quality. These are uploaded to Facebook after the events.


  • I ordered a DVD from a recent competition through our studio (Studio Package, which included all routines on one DVD). I have not received my order. When will it arrive?
    All orders that are ordered through a studio are shipped directly to the studio unless you request that they be shipped to your home and you pay additional shipping. We normally ship all studio packages within 3-4 weeks of the competition. Check with your studio to see if they have received your order.


  • I want to order a video from a previous year. Do you archive past events?
    We do have some archived files. We do not archive individual routines. If your studio participated in the studio package, we do have those master discs available from past years. We also have some national events available. You can call our office for specific events to check if we have them. If you do order a video from previous years, we do charge an archive fee.


  • I want to order a large number of images. Do you offer any discounts?
    We do offer discounts for orders over 10 images. Call our office for pricing.


  • I ordered images online and choose the “pay later” option. How do I pay for my order and when will I receive my images?
    You can fill out an interactive pdf form and email or fax it to us. You may also call our office with your credit card information. We accept Visa or Mastercard. You may also mail a check to our office. Once we receive payment for your order, we will release the images and you will receive an email with the files attached to download. We will also send out the DVD after payment is received.


  • I ordered a digital video and when I click on the link, it shows that the file is empty. What do I need to do?

    We use Dropbox to send our digital videos because the file is too large to attach to an email. When we upload our videos, sometimes there is a lag time before they are available for download. If you give the file time to upload, you should not have any issues with the download.  Also, Dropbox does not always play the file in its entirety, so if your digital file is not playing properly, you might want to download it and try watching it again.

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